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Technology, Culture, and Society

The Nexus It is common knowledge that the paradigm shift in the twenty-first century is rooted in technology and an easier way of achieving a goal. It is not difficult to agree with the proposition that technology is the backbone of societal development. According to James Smith (2009) in his …

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Technology, Technical Education, Culture, and Society

BY Toyin Falola The cultural orientation and conviction of a set of people define the core of their existence. It is the window through which society and its members could be understood. The renowned anthropologist Edward Tylor, in his badly titled book, Primitive Culture, explains culture as “that complex whole …

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Conversations on the Impacts of Private Universities on Public Universities in Africa (Part 3)

By Toyin Falola   This conference was a gathering of progressivists. While planning for the conference, we invited a unique composition of participants because our aims were not as commonly seen elsewhere. We were quick to realise that for the conference to have the effects we expect and hope it …

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Partnering for Greatness: Rethinking University Education in Africa

By Toyin Falola   Between now and August 2022, I will be hosting over a hundred University administrators and scholars in major conferences. I will also be coordinating country researchers to conduct studies on five African countries—South Africa, Ghana, Libya, Nigeria, and Uganda. The first conference will hold in Nigeria …

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The Demise of Reverend Desmond Tutu

By Toyin Falola Ubuntu: I am because you are, because we are. But beyond that, I am because I belong, and I have chosen to belong, to form a part of, participate in, and unite with others and their ideas and ideologies, despite the realistic existence of nuances and differences. …

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The Abeokuta Prince and the Art Palace By Toyin Falola My trip to Abeokuta in November 2021 yielded treasures of performance and orality at the Ake Palace, the city itself, and the lovely home of an Egba Prince. The trip became part of what I will label, with poetic license, …

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Ibadan: My City of Fame

By Toyin Falola I have searched; I have attempted, and I conclude that there are not enough words to quantify how much Ibadan     the city of the brave and fierce     means to me. Yes, I did attempt to describe my love for and affinity to the city in my memoir, …

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Is Nigeria on the Brink?

By Toyin Falola Is Nigeria on the brink? This is one of such questions that open up the doors for a comprehensive dialogue on the state of the Nigerian nation and issues of great concern. What brink, many people will ask? Considering the recent happenings in the country and how …

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Ali A. Mazrui, Abdulrazak Gurnah and the Swahili moment

By Toyin Falola   October 12 has been declared “Ali A. Mazrui Memorial Day” by his friends, colleagues, and well-wishers. This year’s observance is very unique as it coincides with Zanzibar-born Professor Abdulrazak Gurnah winning the prestigious 2021 Nobel Literature Prize. Indeed, I will use this opportunity to eulogize, once …

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Oyegbile’s The Dirty Leap: Dramatizing Disillusionment and Dystopia

By Toyin Falola No literary work is divorced from the society in which it is created. Whether covertly or overtly, literature is usually influenced by the society in which it is created. As Ngugi wa Thiong’o rightly noted, literature does not exist in a vacuum. In creating literary works, writers …

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