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A Frolic On The Red Sea By Femi Adesina

It was a gust of chilly wind that said Akwaaba (welcome, in Ghanaian language) to me in the Jordanian city of Aqaba, that night of December 1, 2017. We had flown for about five hours from Abuja, as President Muhammadu Buhari was to attend a summit on combating terrorism in …

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Examining The Various Proposals For Restructuring, Separation And Non-Negotiable Unity: A Critical Assessment By Jaye Gaskia

One of the most enduring manifestations of leadership failure, and elite incompetence of Nigeria’s ruling class and all its factions and fractions, is the persistence and seemingly recurrent urgency of the question of unsettled nature of negotiated consensus on access to and control of power – political and economic within …

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Carnival In Ekiti As Ojudu Accepts To Contest For Governor

The quest to get a credible leader that would redirect Ekiti State to an enviable track that guarantees socio-economic liberation for the bewildered people is fast gaining audible volume. The leaders are putting heads together just as the youths so as to sieve through the array of aspirants currently jostling …

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On Fayemi’s Planned ‘Rematch’ With Fayose By Olayinka Adebisi

Governance will take a back seat in Nigeria after 31 December, 2017. This is not a ‘message’ received after days of fasting and praying on any ‘holy mountain.’ On the contrary, it is a statement of fact derived from observable cycle of politicking in Nigeria. For most public officers, Governors …

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Time To Roll Up Our Sleeves By Babafemi Ojudu

One of the things I love doing is driving through the streets and towns of Ekiti State. It was a dream when I was a boy with no hope of ever getting behind the wheels of a car. It’s a hobby now that I am an adult. I love to …

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Python Songs By Nnimmo Bassey

1. Nigeria If there is egwu eke There must be a drummer Or a flutist Where there is a dance there must be a song Who is the musician to whose beat The python is dancing? The crocodile please My gaping jaws and fearsome teeth Never mean I smile No …

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Ambode Don’t Cede Our Commonwealth To Corporations

First and foremost water is a human right. That has been established. It has been so declared by the UN in a resolution on 28 July 2010 which explicitly stated that clean drinking water and sanitation are essential to the realisation of all human rights. The Resolution calls upon States …

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Diezani Alison-Madueke: What An Appetite

From time immemorial, precious metals – gold, silver and sparkling stones such as diamonds have delighted women. Relationships have been built and destroyed, wars fought for and reconciliations cemented with gold and precious stones. Not too far back in history, Liberia was the theatre of war over Blood Diamonds. Unlike …

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There is nothing new under the sun, goes a popular saying. In fact, the more things seem to change, the more they appear the same. From time immemorial, some people have spoken evil of leadership, cast aspersions on them, and generally portrayed themselves as scum of the earth. No matter …

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A Hard Superhighway To Travel By Nnimmo Bassey

The Superhighway project has been controversial from the day it was first announced publicly for many reasons. First, it was routed without regard to the negative impacts it would have on the Cross River National Park (CRNP) and a number of community forests in its path. The path chosen initially …

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