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Pastor Adeshina: Towering In God’s Vineyard

“Life is simple. Everything happens for you, not to you. Everything happens at exactly the right moment, neither too soon nor too late. You don’t have to like it… it’s just easier if you do.” ― Byron Katie

When Pastor Elijah Oluwatosin Adeshina began his earthly journey on this day some years ago, there were no comets. He understood there were also no predictions or prophecies, (practices that are prevalent in many African societies). He came, saw and was able to meander through the labyrinth of the very complex Nigerian religious route to stardom. He conquered.

Today, Pastor Adeshina is the Servant in Charge of the Christ Apostolic Church, (Oke Iyin), in the heart of Ilorin, capital city of Kwara State.

A man with a humble beginning has today scored many first in his ordained field of tending the vineyard for the supreme being.

The almost deserted Oke Iyin parish of the Christ Apostolic Church, Ilorin, under his charge, has continued to flourish and increasing in size and patronage since this ebullient, resourceful, energetic but unassuming Man of God took over the mantle of leadership. The once struggling parish can now boastfully stand on its feet with committed members, all supportive to a man who is also selfless and ever ready to stand by them, both physically and spiritually at their times of want.

“Good athletes,” according to former president of Cuba, Fidel Castro, “do not know what tiredness is. They do not know what discouragement is. Good athletes only know what victory is.” This seems to have fired the ardent determination of Pastor Adeshina, the man we celebrate here, to succeed.

Or what could have informed the greatness of a man, born into a family of peasants who today has remarkably risen from the dusty carpet of poverty and squalor to the lofty sky of grace, if not for an ardent resolve to make a mark in life? Such feat could only be achieved through unwavering resilience, doggedness and painstaking commitment to make a mark on an ordained assignment.

He was actually born without a golden spoon tucked in his mouth; not even a wooden spoon. But through dint of hard work and the ‘can-do’ spirit that formed the fulcrum of his existence, he dived into the murky sea of life with courage and was able to navigate to the safety arena, where breakthrough resides.

Pastor Adeshina must have set out to face life with its intricacies with a renewed determination to succeed through unfeigned dedication and unwitherable courage.

Expectedly, the start cannot be as smooth as a bite of the banana. Here is an eloquent man of God with a unique approach to warming his way to God. Pastor Adeshina is a rare man of God under whose ministration you will be on your feet for several hours and never have a moment of boredom nor spiritual detachments. He will take you straight from heart, right to the presence of God with soul inspiring songs that touches the heart and soul with fruitful spiritual impacts. Here is a rare clergy that has full command in conjuring songs right from inspiration with firm and unmistakable impacts that brings down the heavens to earth with loads of spiritual exploits

It would be stating the obvious to say situations around him must have spurred him to the quick realisation of life’s realities and the struggle therein. Even in the midst of relative contentment in his early years, he did not lose sight of life’s incongruities. He drew a lot of lessons from great men of God, both living and dead and from his less fortunate friends who worked from morning until late at night to assist their peasant families. Yet, he is ever conscious that every man was equal before God, the creator.

Like a gem in the midst of stones, a star beaming its light in darkness, Pastor Adeshina was able to break the poverty chain and come to glaring recognition in the Christ Apostolic Church fold by bringing life to a once dehydrated Oke Iyin parish through uncommon courage and very rare dogged determination to succeed.

Then the growth, then the expansion, then comes goodwill.

As Pastor Elijah Oluwatosin Olawale Adeshina adds another feather to his very beautiful nest today, I say a big happy birthday and pray he steps on butters and begin to soar unfettered in the vineyard of God with multiple anointing. Here is God’s work in progress.



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