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Atiku Abubakar Visits Ex-President Jonathan, Criticises APC’s Performance

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar on Wednesday visited ex-President Goodluck Jonathan in Yenagoa, the Bayelsa State capital.

During the visit, the form VP criticised the ruling All Progress Congress (APC) for failing to address unemployment and other problems in the country.

Apart from accusing the Muhammadu Buhari administration of failing to strengthen the economy, Abubakar said the government had failed to overcome security challenges and other problems.

Consequently, he said it was up to the Peoples Democratic Party under which he hopes to run for the presidency in 2019 to seize power and fix the nation’s problems.

“It is only the PDP that has the strength and the structure to get back to Aso rock. There is no other party that has the structure and strength to display popularity than the PDP,” he said.

Abubakar added, “Without PDP, APC would not have been in Aso Rock. PDP will go back to Aso Rock. Have we ever had this rate of unemployment before in the country? Have we ever had five rates of dollar exchange in the country?

“Have we ever had so much of insecurity as we have today? No. Have we ever been so divided in this country like we are today? No. So how can I be satisfied?”

On his part, Jonathan said the PDP, having survived the crisis it faced after being voted out of power in 2015, has become stronger and fit to reclaim power at the federal level.

The former president also believes that the opposition party has the structure for good governance in Nigeria.

He said, “We had some issues in 2015 but the party is coming back and getting stronger. And I agree totally with the former Vice President that PDP is still, even though we are in the opposition, the strongest and largest party.

“We knew what made us lose the elections in 2015. It is not because PDP didn’t have that strength to do so. PDP being in 2015 had the strength to have won the election and 2019, PDP will go back.”

Apart from his visit to Jonathan, the former Vice President also paid a courtesy visit to the Bayelsa State Governor, Mr Seriake Dickson.



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