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Singer knocks Show Organisers Over Shabby Treatment Of Upcoming Artistes

Akinola Seuney, an upcoming artiste better known as ‘Seph’, says lack of support for budding artists has impeded their growth and successes.

Seuney told NAN on Tuesday that most times, budding talents are abused, side-stepped and overlooked in the entertainment industry.

“The trend now is that people that create concepts are not in for the well-being of the entire music industry but their profits and interests,” he said.

“The show organisers always come and want to use us for their shows, communication is always smooth until you start mentioning figures, and then all of sudden, chain in communication will start breaking.

“And most times some don’t even give anything at all but only sweet talk with promises.”

Seuney also alleged that the industry is filled with individuals that were out to exploit talent rather than nurturing such budding talents to stardom.

“There are a lot of people who pretend to belong to the industry just because of their own selfish interests, and they know if they don’t create a false perception about the industry, they can’t survive in it.

“Everyone who is established prefers to hide in their corner looking and hoping for the next gig.

“But what the industry is forgetting is when someone is ready to blow and they climb the stage, the zeal and hunger for exposure will show and your audience will be entertained.”

The musician added that in spite of the unsavoury development, some of them had carved a path for themselves to stardom.

“There are classes to this thing that we do, you become a rising star, a star then you graduate into a superstar,” he said.

Seuney, who recently released ‘Seven Days’, says he has written over 40 songs and recorded over 15 tracks.


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