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Ayo, Omo Olukotun, O dabo!

By Olu Obafemi



Ore re ti gbo

Oba re re

Aghoin bo.

No matter for how long

The wanderer of the forest

Will roam and roam

But return it must.

Ore re tigbo.


You have crossed numerois brooks,

Bare- footed, you have allowed the weeds,

Blown by the gentle caress

of the morning weeds

And the dawn- dew streemlets

Of Jege and Ife Olukotun

Lift you into the wisdom world.

From the ECWA choirs and melodious chrubs of Titcombe

To the loftier cultural lilies of Ile- Ife;

Its watery presences

Of values and ethos and flora,

Of abworld that

Breeds and breezes only


Orere ti’gbo

Oba re re aghoin bo.

You have led when the sea- waves of anger run the Street of protest:

You have risen beyond tempests and distempered mooNlight

Of provoked youths.

You have stood when

The sun rose beyond the lightening scotch of angry horizons

And the azure skies answers

Only to the quiet moonlight.

But we wait,

Now in vain

As you fly, have flown,

Beyond the Okun firmament

And the wild world,

Beyond the reeds

In final salute to your departing swan -songs.

Ayo, the boundless bundle of Joy

The infinite genial genius and the flowing fount of today’s lyrics

And tomorrow’s lullaby.

Okun, omo eleja

Odi yanja.

Tomorrow, the New day will break

And the wandering minstrel, Orere,

Shall sing the New song

Into pitless tomorrow.

Orere tigbo

Oba re re, A ghoin bo.

It is unlikely that this wanderer in the grove shall tread this path again.

Goodnight, sọn of the world, hero of the Globe.


*Olu Obafemi is a Professor of Literature

08- 01-2023.



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