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NIGERIA: Where did we get it wrong??? By Patrick Aigbokhan

Sometimes I try to figure out the meaning of a current trendy statement, or maybe I should refer to it as a slogan, that is flying around in the political air of Nigeria.

I see in that statement no other definition than a self-reasoned, self-driven and self-centered national leadership ambition.
That statement sounds like a group of people already confidently have this ‘entitlement’ idea grafted in their subconscious minds that Nigeria is their personal property.
It also makes me feel that, by right and sharing formula, a timetable has long been drawn on the table of a few minorities to allot the different eras and seasons of Nigeria’s destiny among themselves and into their control.
Please, where did all these emanate from? How, when and at what point in the history and journey of Nigeria did we get there?

Does Nigeria belong to an individual or a group of minorities, or does the country belong to Nigerians?
Are we seeking ‘leaders’ that will ‘serve’ this country, or we are grooming ‘tyrants’ and ‘taskmasters’ to ‘rule’?
At this point, does it mean it hasn’t yet dawned on Nigerians that some people’s political leadership appointment ambition over the country has been personalized and dominated? And isn’t this a clear indication enough for Nigerians to discern and decide the right choice of leadership personnel for the next phase of the country’s destiny that we are about to migrate into?

Are we just going to sit and watch the rot lingering with all the shameless and seemingly ‘lawful’ activities of corruption within the corridors of power both at the high and low levels of public offices at both federal and local government agencies?

Dead and unacknowledged systems of operation have become the order of the day in Nigeria, yet people accept peanuts to suffice for their lifetime survival in exchange for a lifetime of sane democracy.
My little understanding of leadership is that it is a ‘call to serve’ and not a ‘call to rule’. So from where comes the concept that makes Nigeria appear like the property of an individual or a group of people?
I think, at this point, our awakening awareness and consciousness need a more sophisticated overhauling weapon if we sincerely mean to move forward and move on!



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