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Destablisation Claim, Another Sham From Dickson’s Bag of Lies By Sylva Media Office

The attention of the Sylva Media Office has been drawn to a strange press statement from the Government of Bayelsa State alleging a destabilisation plot against former Governor Timipre Sylva. As usual, the strange claim is not supported with any facts and there is zero truth in it. The hallmarks of the government of anxiety, blame, accusation, and irresponsibility, which Governor Henry Seriake Dickson has run since February 2012, run through the allegation, from beginning to end.

Dickson’s record of failure, larceny and ineptitude is so manifest that the deceits from his bag of lies can no longer hide him. So he must blame the opposition instead of taking responsibility for protests against his incompetent administration.

The allegation is unsurprising. It is Dickson’s usual style of feeding the people a line to try to mask his incompetence each time it manifests in the form of failure to deliver leadership when occasion demands. But none of his lies has ever worked.

When he precipitated the recent Amassoma killings with his lack of tact and feelings, and tried to hang it on the opposition, the All Progressives Congress in the state called him to order and set the record straight for unsuspecting Bayelsans who were about to be duped again by Dickson and his gang. Interestingly, Dickson learnt quickly this time and withdrew his lies. He admitted his clumsy and immature handling of the protest by the Amassoma community, swallowed his pride, and apologised to the people he had tagged “hoodlums and cultists.”

But in his usual deceitful self, he wouldn’t go down without trying another lie. We expected him to trot out another line about Sylva, APC, or some plot from the figments of his imagination. As usual, Dickson did not disappoint.

The main takeaway lesson for Bayelsans in all these is that Dickson is terrified and panic-stricken; always feeling as if he is being pursued. Yes, he is pursued, but by his own lack of capacity to govern. A leader that cannot take responsibility for his actions and inactions is simply not worthy of his office. Dickson has demonstrated this since coming to office.



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