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There is Hardship In The Land But Protest Won’t Solve The problem,

National leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu,  says protests would not solve the problems of the country.

Addressing some youth who visited his Bourdillon residence in Ikoyi, Lagos, on Monday, Tinubu admitted that there is hardship in the land, but he said the damage of the last 16 years cannot be repaired “overnight”.

He admitted that the current government is a “product of protest”, but appealed for understanding.

“What we are going through now will be resolved. We are going through the historical phase of a country that is promising,” he said.

“In every political situation, you have the twist and the turn, it cannot be straight all the time. We are all victims. You are carrying placards… I have been a placard carrier since when? This government is a product of protest.

“But there is a leadership in the land, and you have to live with that for now. Protest won’t solve the problem, will it?”

Asked what the solution is, Tinubu said: “Re-planning; being responsive; being able to engage the people so that we will see what the challenges are.

“We are not denying the fact that Nigerians are suffering and have the right to protest, but party and economy must be returned to shape.

“We are two years into the administration. To make those changes effectively and positively eventually, we have to be patient; we have to have the hope.

“If there was no bad administration then, you wouldn’t have voted for us. The damage of 16 years cannot be solved easily. You cannot get water out of a dry land. To fetch water out of the rock, you have to endure. Be patient. Let’s have faith in our leaders.

“We sold APC to you, please hang on to it. There is nothing more effective that can drive you than hope and belief.”



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