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Nigeria will be out of economic recession soon – Buhari

President Buhari on Tuesday said he is fully aware of the hardship Nigerians are passing through, He gave the assurance that in a short period of time all the hardship been experienced by Nigerians will soon be over over.

Buhari assured Nigerians that his administration will make the country great again.

The President spoke in Benin City, Edo State, at the final mega campaign rally of the All Progressive Congress (APC) ahead of Saturday’s governorship election in the state.

He said Nigerians will be proud of their country again, adding that the country is almost out of its security problem.

He paid tribute to the late Benin monarch, Oba Erediauwa, whom he described as a man of foremost integrity and forthright.

He said, “Oshiomhole has reminded you of what we have gone through from 1999 to 2015. We have seen development more than what it used to be when Edo State was created. It was at that time that I met with the Oba who has joined his ancestors, and I saw a man with great integrity and there is no doubt that there is hardly any traditional ruler which is foremost and forthright like him.”

“Edo people are lucky because as long as Nigeria exists, we will continue to play our role in stabilizing Nigeria. We are a nation of great human and material resources especially the youths. Please sit down and reflect and remember what I said years ago that there is no other nation like Nigeria. We will remain one together because no matter where you go the colour of your skin will be a problem for you.

“I congratulate Obaseki and I recommend him to you. He is a seasoned man so that you will continue to grow in Edo state. You have a credible team, you better hold them tight and ensure that Obaseki succeeds.

“I assure you that we are going to get out of our economic problems. We are almost out of our security problem and we are going to make Nigeria greater again. We are going to be very proud of our country once again, our size, our resources will not be for nothing. We will continue to grow.”



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