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Army Begins Onslaught In Sambisa

Rabe AbubakarThe Nigeria military says it has commenced total operations of Boko haram sect in the Sambisa forest with complete leveling of all group’s camps as they search for the missing chibok girls.

The director of defence Information, Brigadier General rabe Abubakar giving an updates after two days the video of the girls were released said that the three persons declared wanted by the military over the fresh video of the abducted girls were only invited for questioning.

“We only inviting them to shed light on pending issues that will support current military efforts and not to arrest them, he said, stressing that was strictly for national interest.

On the ongoing counter-terrorism operations in the northeast, the military spokesman insisted that “the Armed Forces can do it without any help.

“We are getting to where we are going. We have decimated them [Boko Haram] without any help. It is the Nigerian Armed Forces that is doing it and we will continue doing that.

“The feat that we have attained will be accelerated as the day passes by.

“We are in Sambisa now and all those Boko Haram camps have been completely destroyed,” he told reporters.
The defence spokesman also told reporters that a rehabilitation camp in Gombe state currently houses over 800 insurgents who voluntarily surrendered to the military from 2015 and will be deradicalised and rehabilitated.

“we are employing services of Imams, pastors and other government agencies to help in reforming them,” he added.
Over 200 of the girls were abducted from their school’s dormitory in Chibok, Borno State, on April 14, 2014 by members of the Boko Haram sect.



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