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Sex, Illicit Drugs And The Enugu Girls Of The Night

prostitutesVisitors to some hotels in Enugu metropolis are having a hard time trying to ward-off desperate teenagers dressed in skimpy dresses to attract prospective customers.

You also find the teenagers around the Otigba Junction, Rangers Avenue, Presidential Road, New Berries, Obiagu, among others, where they peddle drugs and sex for fees ranging from N500  and N2,000 per night or home service.

Sunday Vanguard investigation also showed that some banks recruit beautiful girls to scout for large deposits from men. Expectedly, the girls seduce the men to meet their mandate. Findings showed that the teenagers usually arrange themselves in groups of four or five and book rooms in hotels that charge N5,000 – N6,000 per night.

Decked in  seductive attires, the teens mill around the hotels, smoking cigarette and drinking alcohol. They pounce on you once you make eye contact, revealing cleavages and curves to lure you into the hotel room. Further findings revealed that illicit drug substances like Crack, Marijuana, brown and white powder are increasingly in circulation in Enugu metropolis which many of the teens use and peddle.

Sunday Vanguard, in an undercover operation in one of the hotels on Nza Street, met ‘Chi’, not real name, canvassing sensually for customers. “I thought you signaled to me!” “I did not”.  “But you would miss a lot if you do not want me”. “Like what?”  “A romp with me will make you leave your…hahaha. It will not cost you much. It is only N500. I have a room here. I will, at once, notify my colleagues that I have a customer and we will be in a world of our own”. Continuing, she beckoned in confidence,”Try and see. You will crave for an all night long. Shall we…”  “No, am not in the mood”. “Why? I told you N500 because of the excruciating economic hardship in the country. This is what I do to fend for myself and send money to my family in the village.

I hoped to further my education but the present Nigeria’s economic outlook has eroded that dream. I do not find joy doing what I do. But I cannot fold my arms and watch my parents and siblings in the village die of hunger”. “How much do you think you can make?” “Well, before this government took over, the business was good. I was having 20 – 25 customers in a day.

But now, you hardly get five customers. If you get more than that, it is because it is a festive season, public holiday, weekend, etc. You do not need to spend money on extraneous things like beer, pepper soup and the rest. We go straight into the business”.

Corporate prostitution

Garbed in suits with inner shirts that reflect the bank’s colour, beautiful female marketers chase male customers to their bedrooms, obviously to solicit that they open accounts with the bank. A victim told Sunday Vanguard that the ‘corporate prostitutes’ pounce on you once they believe you are worth more than N500,000.

“I was leaving my bank after a transaction on Okpara Avenue. Before I could open my car, this damsel accosted me, radiating confidence and beauty. I muttered, ‘I can’t  recall ever meeting you’. She  told me she was a marketer”, he narrated. “She requested for my phone number which I obliged. The following day, my phone rang around .6.30a.m.

The caller introduced herself as the marketer I met at the bank the previous day. She romantically demanded for my residential address promising to give me a warm home treatment. As a bachelor, I had nothing to lose. I quickly gave her my home address.  At exactly 8.18 a.m., my security guard rang me on my intercom, to confirm if I was expecting a visitor. “I told him to send her in. She drove in with a chauffeur, an indication that it was a bank driver.

Still recovering from the hangover of the previous day, I   turned the sitting room’s key and the door swung open and the marketer strolled in. The perfume she applied rented the air. “The marketer was in tune with the weather forecast of the previous day, from any of the news platforms. What she wore will tempt even a pastor.  I offered her a seat, she sat down. Her hand disappeared into her hand bag and reappeared with two account opening forms.

She stood up and approached me where I sat, balanced herself on my laps and the rest was history. I eventually opened a savings and current accounts that morning. She collected a cheque for the accounts opening and other things I could offer her”..

Drug peddlers

The activities of drug peddlers are on the increase in many relaxation spots in Enugu metropolis. The peddlers recruit youngsters who do the leg walk, selling Indian hemp, white and brown powder in alleys, streets and even offices. A wrap of Indian hemp goes for N100 while a pinch of white powder goes for N2,000.

Many of the teens hanging around dark spots in the metropolis  use drugs. The situation, it was learnt , may not be unconnected with what an insider called the increasing number of psychiatric inmates at the Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Enugu even as female enrollment indicators in tertiary institutions in the area are said to be on a downward slope.




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