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22 Year-old Boy Drugged By A Married Woman For Hot Sex

feet-4189Infidelity amongst married women is fast becoming rampant not only in Edo State but across the country.

The irony is that it is  assumed that married men indulge in it more than their female counterparts, but that may not be the case anymore due to the sophisticated manner married women indulge in it nowadays.

The case of a 22-year-old boy, who was rushed to a hospital last week by some good Samaritans in Benin City, is one of the latest exploits of these married women in town.

The said married woman abandoned the boy in a hotel room after drilling him sexually for several hours before she left the hotel to pick her kids from school. Trouble for secret lovers Sex Trouble started for both lovers when the receptionist at the hotel (name withheld) heard a loud cry from the room and rushed to know what the problem was when they saw the boy yelling in pain, holding his erected penis.

Due to the fear that the victim might lose his life, they quickly rushed him to a nearby hospital where doctors and nurses started battling to see how they could bring the erected penis down.

Saturday Vanguard gathered from a source that the boy was believed to be suffering from an overdose of sex-enhancement drugs administered on him by the woman.

A source at the hotel told Saturday Vanguard that “the woman would drive to the hotel with the boy after she must have dropped her kids at school; then they would enjoy marathon sex from 8am till 2pm when she would go and pick the children.

Once she got back home, she would not come out till the next day. It is said that the lady was always equipped with Viju Milk or Soya milk which apparently she gave to her lover to boost his energy.”

Saturday Vanguard further gathered that she started giving the boy sex-enhancement drugs after she accused the boy of underperformance in bed. The victim who is still hospitalised, has opened up on his relationship with the woman. According to him,

“She warned me that I must not have another girlfriend, and that she would take care of me. She said she wanted me to be making love to her almost every day, that the husband did not have time for her and that he travelled a lot and even when he was around they hardly made love the way she enjoyed it.

But we almost quarrelled recently when I pleaded with her to give me money to register for JAMB. She said she did not have. She said if I went to school, I would have another girlfriend and abandon her. I pleaded with her but she refused.

“Nevertheless, she usually gave me N10,000 after making love. It was part of the money that I saved and used in registering JAMB. She was always anxious to know where I was because she said I must not have another girlfriend. We would always stay together till 2pm, when she would go for school runs.”

Asked if his parents were aware of his escapades with the married woman, he responded in the negative. “She warned me not to tell anybody, that I should keep it secret so that people would not go and inform her husband. And because I was scared of her, I didn’t tell anybody.

We would make love until I got tired but she never got tired. She would tell me that my duty was to satisfy her. She would buy me food, different kinds of drinks so that I would have strength to make love to her. But I don’t know what she gave me that I drank which caused my penis to be very erect and refused to come down, causing me so much pain. I could have died if they had not rushed me to the hospital.”

He further narrated that he never knew when the woman left the hotel that day because he was exhausted after their marathon sex escapade and slept off only to wake up due to the excruciating pain from his penis.

He added that he had called the woman severally to inform her of his predicament but that she has refused to pick his calls.

However, Saturday Vanguard learned that the police will soon move against the said woman to ascertain the kind of drugs she gave the boy that landed him in the hospital. Married women on the loose

Saturday Vanguard however learned that infidelity among married women has skyrocketed in Nigeria in recent times, especially in Benin City, Lagos, Abuja and some other cities.

It was also  reliably gathered that some of these married women in such category belong to clubs where they recruit younger boys that sleep with them.

The excuse of these women is that it is either their husbands are not always around to make love to them or that the husbands do no longer perform well. However, some categories of these women decide to flirt with younger boys out there because they want to pay back their husbands whom they accuse of dating younger girls outside.

Saturday Vanguard observed a mild drama at Mall of America, a shopping mall along Airport Road, Benin City some time last year, when two married women saw two young girls coming out from a saloon.

One of the married women took particular interest in what the two girls wore, including their beautiful make-ups, and immediately lost her temper unprovoked.

She yelled at her friend: “You see where our husbands’ money is going? Look at these girls and how they look! You see, these men are bastards!” Her outbursts shocked the two younger girls who took to their heels before the woman translated her anger to violence.

Another worrisome trend in marriages these days is the role of some pastors.   As a matter of fact, Saturday Vanguard’s investigation showed that some of these pastors take undue advantage of   the weaknesses of these women who run to them to complain about their marital problems .

Some of the so-called pastors are alleged to prepare fetish objects that they give to these women to enable them collect money from their rich husbands.

And when the women have succeeded, the pastors blackmail them and start extorting money from them and even sleep with her. It will be  recalled that it was in a similar manner that one   a   Manager at the Nigerian Petroleum Development Company (NPDC) in Benin City, was murdered by the deceased wife’s pastor-lover in December 2013.

Under the guise of being a pastor, the suspect had won the heart of the family and started sleeping with the woman who, from police investigations, gave the said pastor the husband’s brand new car as a seed to the church.

It was further gathered that two of the children were actually products of the randy pastor and it was when the family of the deceased discovered all these that the two lovers went for the kill.

So, as it seems, the women are fast outsmarting the men in terms of extra-marital affairs and it is becoming even more deadly in Benin City. And that woman in the house that may be described as a worthy wife, and in some cases, as “a prayer warrior”, might actually be a warrior in the bed of her pastor or any ready young man, like the case in Benin City last Monday.

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