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Ooni’s Successor: Olumobi Family Warns Against Distortion Of Facts, History

Ogbeni-Rauf-AregbesolaThe competition for selection of a new Ooni of Ife seems to have begun and members of Olumobi Family of Lafigido Ruling House from Ile-Ife, on Tuesday warned that possession of material wealth or political influence by aspirants to the throne should not be placed above the traditional rights of those described as the true princes of Ile-Ife royal dynasties.

They added that the values of integrity, rich cultural knowledge and strong relationship and affinity with the people of the town and the Yoruba race in general should be given priority and there should be no distortion of facts about the history, customs and tradition of the ancient town.

A statement credited to a member of the family, Prince Adedimeji Dauda Adefioye stressed that the family deserves the right to present the new Ooni of Ife more than two centuries after the last ruler from the lineage had reigned.

He said the late Olumobi, who is the progenitor of the Olumobi Compound of Lafigido Ruling House had reigned as the 22nd Ooni of Ife, just after the reign of Luwoo, regarded as the only female Ooni and the town’s 21st monarch.



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