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Obama Praises Kenya’s Anti-corruption Drive

obama.siUS President Barack Obama has commended Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta for his commitment to rooting out corruption in the East African country, saying the issue was a key reason why the economy was not growing faster.

The two leaders spoke at a joint news conference in Nairobi on Saturday during which they also addressed issues relating to the armed group al-Shabbab in neighbouring Somalia and gay and lesbian rights in Kenya and the continent

“This may be the biggest impediment to Kenya growing faster,” Obama said after holding talks with Kenyatta behind closed doors.
He also praised Kenyatta for making corruption a top priority of his administration.

Obama nudged African states to treat gays and lesbians equally under the law, a position that remains unpopular through much of the continent.

Kenyatta responded by calling the matter a “non-issue” for his country.
Earlier in the day, Obama praised the African continent for its economic advancement while co-hosting a summit on global entrepreneurship with Kenyatta in Nairobi.



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