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Chi Gold: Unique Gold-plating Service Shines Businesses, Homes With Midas Touch


goldchi1Chi Gold, a unique gold-plating service that has just been launched in Lagos, provides gold-plating and precious metal finishes to businesses and residences around Lagos and its environs.

Dr. Esther N. Josephs, the charming Chief Executive of Chi Gold, is a medical doctor by profession who pays great attention to detail, described as a natural perfectionist in her work to complement her keen sense of business.

Chi Gold provides ideal services in polishing household cutlery and ornaments to their original splendour or for finishing the interior decor in hotels and restaurants.

Esther says she is happy to work on-site or in homes on items such as bathroom taps and fittings, without the item being removed or disturbing the surrounding objects.

The preservation of other objects undisturbed is especially useful in private homes and businesses including car dealerships and antique dealers.

Esther’s Chi Gold can produce a number of different finishes such as 24k Gold, Antique, Rose Gold, Platinum, Silver, Chrome and Nickel.goldchi 2

Having undergone training under the vigilant eyes of the expert craftsmen at Goldgenie, the quality and attention to detail behind Chi Gold’s work is assured to be excellent.

With great appreciation of beauty and art and an innate sense of elegance and style, the charming Esther is a wonderful example of an enterprising spirit who is merging modern technology with traditional artisan skills.

The young lady is looking forward to developing her craft and simultaneously growing her business.

“So far, I have gold-plated common items like a pair of scissors and a wristwatch, and I intend to take this upscale drawing from my wealth of creative ideas. It will be my great pleasure to be of service to you in any way,” her self-confidence bolsters her enthusiasm towards success.

She explained that she came across London-based gold-plating specialists, Goldgenie, online and she was instantly captivated by gold-plating as a business concept.

“The unique skill to turn almost any item into a work of gold immediately blew me away. It was like having the Midas Touch!” Esther stated.

Goldgenie’s business opportunity programme allows entrepreneurs across the world to set up their own innovative gold-plating business, under the guidance and trusted name of Goldgenie.

Consequently, it enabled Esther to learn the skills it takes to set up business as a Goldgenie-certified gold-plating and luxury customization specialist in Nigeria.

Goldgenie specialises in gold-plating most metals including aluminium, some types of plastic, mobile phones and gadgets, bathroom accessories, antiques, jewellery and religious artefacts and since gaining investment from James Caan on BBC’s Dragons Den in 2007, the company has accomplished worldwide recognition for its luxury customised lifestyle and technology gifts, including a £250,000 racing bike in 24k gold.



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