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NASS Crisis: Why Buhari Won’t Intervene – Presidency


burari signs buhari newThe Presidency on Tuesday said President Muhammadu Buhari would not intervene in the lingering crisis rocking the National Assembly (NASS), citing separation of powers as reason for it.

This came as Sokoto Governor and Chairman, Peace Committee on House of Representatives leadership crisis, Alhaji Aminu Tambuwal, said the peace process is ongoing, promising that soon, the crisis would be resolved.

President Buhari had come under pressure from many quarters for his apparent docility amid the lingering face-off in NASS and his party, the All Progressives Congress (APC), accusing him of not being assertive.

Speaking in an exclusive interview in Abuja, on the apparent lack of interest of the President amid the lingering NASS crises and his party, the APC, Mr. Femi Adesina, Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, said Buhari had since chosen to give recourse to the Constitution of the land and the principle of separation of power on which Nigeria bases its federalism.

Adesina said Buhari’s intervention would portray him as a “dictator or a despot” which he said runs at variance with democratic ethos and values.


Buhari is not a dictator

He said: “How do you become assertive when there is separation of powers? There is separation of powers between the executive and the legislature. The legislature is an entity on its own. The executive does not superintend over the legislature.

“So, you can’t be assertive over a place you do not supervise. So, I think to ask the President to be assertive over the legislature is to ask him to be a despot. It is to ask him to become a dictator and this President will not do that.”

Reminded that the President could approach the matter using the cover of APC as a family dispute, Adesina said the President had already been involved in the peace process, stressing that he would not lord it over the members to take advice.

He was, however, optimistic that the crisis would not escalate any further than it already has.

He said: “Don’t forget that, yes, he is the President of the country and he emerged on the platform of the APC. So, it is in that spirit that he attended the NEC meeting last Friday at the party secretariat. He also said when they called the BoT meeting, he will attend. But he cannot go and lord anything over them. He cannot.

“He also emerged on the platform of that party. The party is bigger than everyone. That’s what is meant by party supremacy. So, party supremacy does not even allow him to lord it over anybody. He can only be part of a process to sort out whatever logjam, whatever impasse they have.

“How can it further escalate than what we have now? Can it further escalate than what we have now? I don’t see that. The President is involved already because he has been meeting with various interest groups but he will not go beyond that. He is not going to ram anything into anybody’s throat because that will not be consistent with democratic ethos. He wouldn’t do that.”


Peace underway —Tambuwal

Also speaking on the issue at the Presidential Villa after a personal visit to President Buhari Tuesday, the Governor of Sokoto State and immediate past Speaker of the 7th House of Representatives, Alhaji Aminu Tambuwal, assured that peace is underway in the chambers of the both the Senate and the House.

Tambuwal, when asked to confirm the insistence of Rep. Gbajabiamila’s camp to be given all the four principal officers’ positions, said he would not pre-empt the committee’s report.

He also dismissed insinuations that his case during his tenure has emboldened the members to fight dirty, saying that they were mature enough to take their own decisions.

He said: “Mr. President is the leader of the party and as Governor of Sokoto State, I have come to see him and indeed to seek his advice and rub minds with him on issues bordering on security and continued development of the country. You could see that our meeting with him was business-like and I believe that is how it should be when you come to a leader such as Mr. President. You don’t take much of his time. You go to issues and address them and then take your leave.

“We have commenced meetings and even today, we are going to have yet another meeting and I believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Peace and normalcy will be restored to the chambers of the National Assembly and I assure you that we will continue to support Mr. President for us to deliver on our promises to the Nigerian people.

Caving in to Gbajabiamila’s insistence on principal officers’ positions

“It is not a matter of caving into it. I am a mediator and I am not at liberty to pre-empt what should be the outcome of my report, therefore I am not in a position to confirm that.

“I should leave that to you to make your own judgement. I believe they are all mature people representing their various constituencies in both the Senate and the House of Representatives and they should know what is best for the country and the party.”


Buhari’ll appoint ministers in fullness of time – Presidency

President Mohammadu Buhari will appointment ministers only when it is feasible, his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Mr. Femi Adesina said Tuesday.

Speaking exclusively in reaction to massive public concern on why the president has not formed his cabinet, Adesina said that the president is preparing the grounds for the ministers, saying that they would be appointed in the fullness of time.

He said: “The appointment of ministers is constitutional because the constitution prescribes that there must be a minister from at least one state of the federation and President Mohammdu Buhari will do what is constitutional. So, he will constitute a cabinet.

“But then when he does, it is his prerogative. He is the one who will determine when he needs that cabinet. But for now, he has said that he wants to lay a proper foundation for the administration and that’s why he has been working with bureaucrats; the various Permanent Secretaries.

“For the past two weeks and still going forward, the Permanent Secretaries have been briefing him on the state of their ministries and then, I am sure at the fullness of time, the ministers will be appointed.”




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