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By Toyin Falola When the drafters of the Nigerian Criminal Code Act formulated Section 419 of the Act, I am sure that they never intended that the number of the section would supplant the name of the crime. The section prohibits the offence of obtaining by false pretence with the …

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Professor Peju Olayiwola in Conversation with Prince Yemisi Shyllon

By Toyin Falola         Since its inception, The Toyin Falola Interviews has been a not-for-profit endeavour through which we have sparked conversations and debates on several issues of national and international concern, having people from all walks of life as revered interviewees on the platform – from …

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TF at 70: A Meditation on Nothingness

By Toyin Falola   On this day, I celebrate the day I came to this world This day, family, friends, and colleagues rejoice With me Do they not know a year older means a year closer to the grave? Do they not see my grey hair? Do they not see …

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The New CBN Policy and the Talibanisation of the Political Economy

By Adewale Adeoye       The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) says you can’t take more than N20,000 out of your own money in one day. Corporate groups that want to buy a fridge urgently won’t be able to do so. They need to wait for days. They claim …

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Campuses Must Reopen!

By Toyin Falola     I call the deaf by his name he hears me, but I claim I’m being ignored and shamed; I count stones on the streets put them in different pots to heat. Done, I assume, and ready to eat But in my rage, I soon chew, …

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12 years after UN Declaration of water as a human right: Groups warn African governments against privatisation agenda

On July 28, 2022, the Corporate Accountability and Public Participation Africa (CAPPA), alongside the Our Water Our Right Africa Coalition hosted a webinar with African water justice campaigners, in commemoration of the 12th year of the United Nations Resolution declaring water and sanitation a human right (Resolution 64/292). This was …

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This is the interview report with Debo Adedayo on June 12, 2022. Viewership figures on television, radios, and over a dozen platforms reached over fifteen million by June 15, 2022. For the transcripts: YouTube: Facebook:     Mr. Macaroni and Cultural Politics   By Toyin Falola     …

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By Toyin Falola Introduction “A heavy basket cannot be lifted to the head with one hand!” I remember this Yoruba adage whose loose meaning is that one can only boast of a collective and cooperative front because an individual effort makes one susceptible to attacks and challenges. In English, we …

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Technology, Culture, and Society

The Nexus It is common knowledge that the paradigm shift in the twenty-first century is rooted in technology and an easier way of achieving a goal. It is not difficult to agree with the proposition that technology is the backbone of societal development. According to James Smith (2009) in his …

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Technology, Technical Education, Culture, and Society

BY Toyin Falola The cultural orientation and conviction of a set of people define the core of their existence. It is the window through which society and its members could be understood. The renowned anthropologist Edward Tylor, in his badly titled book, Primitive Culture, explains culture as “that complex whole …

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