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Tuesday , October 23 2018
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Time To Roll Up Our Sleeves By Babafemi Ojudu

One of the things I love doing is driving through the streets and towns of Ekiti State. It was a dream when I was a boy with no hope of ever getting behind the wheels of a car. It’s a hobby now that I am an adult. I love to ...

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Python Songs By Nnimmo Bassey

1. Nigeria If there is egwu eke There must be a drummer Or a flutist Where there is a dance there must be a song Who is the musician to whose beat The python is dancing? The crocodile please My gaping jaws and fearsome teeth Never mean I smile No ...

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Ambode Don’t Cede Our Commonwealth To Corporations

First and foremost water is a human right. That has been established. It has been so declared by the UN in a resolution on 28 July 2010 which explicitly stated that clean drinking water and sanitation are essential to the realisation of all human rights. The Resolution calls upon States ...

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Diezani Alison-Madueke: What An Appetite

From time immemorial, precious metals – gold, silver and sparkling stones such as diamonds have delighted women. Relationships have been built and destroyed, wars fought for and reconciliations cemented with gold and precious stones. Not too far back in history, Liberia was the theatre of war over Blood Diamonds. Unlike ...

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There is nothing new under the sun, goes a popular saying. In fact, the more things seem to change, the more they appear the same. From time immemorial, some people have spoken evil of leadership, cast aspersions on them, and generally portrayed themselves as scum of the earth. No matter ...

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A Hard Superhighway To Travel By Nnimmo Bassey

The Superhighway project has been controversial from the day it was first announced publicly for many reasons. First, it was routed without regard to the negative impacts it would have on the Cross River National Park (CRNP) and a number of community forests in its path. The path chosen initially ...

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World Environment Day: What Nature Has Connected By Nnimmo Bassey

The theme of this year’s World Environment Day, Connecting People to Nature, could not have been more apt, considering that humankind has lost the vital connections that make us conscious of our being a part of a community of beings on Earth. Today we want to particularly look at the ...

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The United States’ Shameful Decision to Withdraw From the Paris Climate Agreement

By Nnimmo Bassey, Chair of the Board of Directors, Global Greengrants Fund and Terry Odendahl, President & CEO We are outraged by Donald Trump’s shameful and immoral decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement. This assault on the rights of people and nature to exist is steered by greed ...

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GM Food And Nigerian Promoters By MARIANN BASSEY-OROVWUJE

I read with amusement the off-the-wall allegations against the anti- GMO activists in a write up posted on News Express, amongst other allegations that we “supported the cancellation of permits granted to Monsanto…” Read here. For GMO Promoters’ benefit, we restate our stand that the so-called permit issued to Monsanto ...

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The need for public consultation and participation in the approval processes of applications that directly affect the people’s health and wellbeing cannot be overstressed. Many issues surround the matter of our food and agricultural modern biotechnology that require clarifications and in-depth interrogations. It is to this end that the Health ...

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