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El-Rufai to Personally Patrol Kaduna-Kano Borders on Sallah Day

Governor of Kaduna State, Malam Nasir El-Rufai has said he would personally patrol the Kaduna -Kano borders on Sallah day to ensure that no one from Kano sneaks into Kaduna state as part of his strategy to contain the spread of Covid-19 in the state.

This year’s Eid-il-Fitr (the festival of breaking the fast) which marks the end of Ramadan is expected to take place either on Saturday or Sunday.

Kaduna State has already re-adjusted its two-day window period to allow residents shop for food and essentials from Wednesday and Saturday to Wednesday and Thursday to ensure that residents stay at home during the weekend.

However, El-Rufai who sounded the warning during a live chat with selected radio stations in the state on Tuesday said; “I will ensure that I personally visit and patrol the Kaduna-Kano boarders on Sallah day and I will remain there from morning till night to see who will dare enter Kaduna State. I will not leave there until late at night.”

The governor described as disappointing the level of traffic in and out of Kaduna state despite a Presidential directive that bans interstate travels, stressing that almost all those who tested positive to the Coronavirus have had travel history.

He blamed the influx of people sneaking into the state to the activities of corrupt security agents on the highway whom he accused of sabotaging the state government’s efforts for monetary gain.

El-Rufai said, “we have tried everything but the security agents have not been cooperating. We have heard of instances where commercial drivers and others pay them to come into Kaduna ”


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