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Apostle Adewale Adeagbo: Selfless Sower in God’s Vineyard

 Here is the story of quintesential Apostle and Rev (Mrs) Adewale Adeagbo of God’s Temple of Salvation Church. Here we meet a unique clergy who spends his time, money and all, catering for the spiritual and physical needs of people in an ungrateful world. His Church was visited this week as it clocks 10 years. The feat was marked with a weeklong programme that ends with a fete on Sunday: reports Gboyega Adeoye  

The serene and peaceful environment of Ijeda/Iloko, a sprawling town in Osun State, leaves no inkling that behind the quietness lays a spiritual Church which has become a Mecca of sort, to people seeking spiritual solutions to numerous problems.

The vast uncompleted Church, christened “God’s Temple of Salvation Church” bellies a smaller mud building which serves as current worship spot where members converge for their programmes in the past ten years of its establishment

Young easy going and substantially talented Apostle & Rev (Mrs) Adewale Adeagbo, an inseparable couple with uncommon humility, are President and founded the church in June 2009.

This is the current worship house

And since its inception, the church has turned to a spiritual healing point where people from Nigeria and beyond have been getting solutions to their problems and other life issues in simple transparent, Bible prescribed ways but with astonishing results.

God’s Temple of Salvation Church is also known as “All Souls for Christ Jesus”. This must have derived from the traditional expository manner in which the word of God is being preached in the church, undiluted.

For once, this reporter was confronted with a young clergy with an uncommon knowledge of the word of God, carefully delivering his message with ease and unfettered but convincing rendition that could melt a heart casted in steel.

the uncompleted proposed headquarters

Talk of concise Bible citations that correspond with the message. matched with cautious theological mien, Apostle Adeagbo commands respect and accolades unsolicited from top government functionaries, Kings, Islamic scholars and even the traditional priests after his sermons. As a result of these enormous spiritual gifts which in no way affect his uncommon sincere humility, Pastor Adeagbo commands respect from a vast number of people in Nigeria and beyond.

To add pep to the spiritual works by a man who seems to have signed with God to live his life for Jesus, Apostle Adeagbo also has a Prayer Mountain, christened “O to Gee”( It is Over), located at Fabo axis, near Efon, Ekiti State

The Mountain derived the name “O to Ge”e from the believe that sicknesses and life worries brought unto the mountain top would not follow the carrier down. And people testified to the potency of the spiritual assertion.

His only vehicle with which he conveys all members homa at any programme

But in spite of this enormous spiritual versatility, Apostle Adeagbo cannot boast of 100 memberships. His diaspora members are however in thousands, thus causing growth hindrances.

Mrs Wumi Temitope, a member of the church, told our reporter that people receive their miracles and disappear into thin airs under a ministry being coordinated by an Apostle that only looks unto God and with zero care for things of the world.

“We have a Shepard that cares less about money. His care goes to the people and because people have noticed this, they capitalise on that and leave him to his work of God, not caring that he has to feed with his family. It is even easier for those who come in from other churches or from outside, some even call in to explain their problems and Pastor pray for them and they receive healings. The moment they get healed, they forget their painful days and life goes on. I think that is why we are still where we are today.

Tawa Adekunle, a Muslim worshipper corroborated what Temitope said: “As humans, we are different. Though nothing stipulates that we should pay for spiritual attentions, but since we go to hospital and pay bills, we go to counsellors and therapists and pay, nothing is bad if you remember the spiritual tasks of a man of God on your behalf and show appreciation. Even if you care less about his family upkeep, why not help his ministry so that more people could enjoy the benefit whatyou enjoyed. The highpoint is that most of the people healed spiritually have sought orthodox means but failed. They pay there but they can’t pay here. It is as sad as disappointing”, she quipped.

So how does Apostle Adeagbo feed with his family: Investigation revealed that this unique man of God engages in large scale farming from which proceed he feed his family and also run the church

Like Apostle Paul of our time, Apostle Adeagbo has made a huge mark in Christendom through self-discipline and uncommon religious dexterity that is not too common among his peers.      



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