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Possible Solution to Mass Killing

By Festus Adeoye
My heart goes to the families of all the victims of the senseless mass shooting both in El- Paso, Texas, Dayton, Ohio, California, and the rest of the Country. There has to be a reasonable solution to this problem.  No one, l repeat, no one, is safe from becoming a victim. We are all vulnerable.
This is my suggestion and possible solution:-
The Senate and Congress should pass a bill, that requires a MENTAL CHECK UP, to be incorporated as part of the regular Health Check Up, that we all undertake. The outcome will be shocking. You will be scared, about the number of people, that would be admitted for immédiate treatment, or at least; prescribed some medication.
Statistics shows that a huge number of people, in our society surfer from mental illness. Statistics shows that a lot of this people also own guns, mostly assaut weapons. Most of the people involved in mass killings in the past, have some level of psychotic or mental issues or suicidal ideation. Considering recent events of killings of innocent people; l can not help myself, but to try to figure out how such tragic events could be erradicated or at least be minimissed.
I am suggesting that the government should mandate all people to undergo some mental screening, as part of our regular medical check up. If the goverment mandated it, it can not become a political issue, or a ground for lawsuits. It is part of an efforts, by the goverment to protect the people, which is the NUMBER ONE responsibility of the goverment.
This is just an opinion. This is a suggestion. It is not intended to annoy anyone. It is an effort to keep all of us, including you and your familles safe.
Thank you.
Festus Adeoye.
Founder & CEO.
WORLD Future Leaders ORG.
A nonprofit organisation developing entrepreneurs and future leaders today world wide. Together, we can make the world a better place for all humanity. Please join us. Membership is free. Like us on Facebook.  Thank you.



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