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A Night Full of Bliss

My love escapade at the Teachers’ College Ikere Ekiti started with Titi, a slender and very ravishing girl in the Post WASC class, my class.
After my first day in school, I mean, having attended classes and the debate, Titi approached me on Monday after the sport practice. She called me by my real name. She knew my name because I introduced myself in the Mathematics class, the first lesson I attended on Friday morning and during the impromptu debate at the Social Night on the same Friday.
‘Idowu, can I speak with you?’ she said.
‘Of course!’ I answered. ‘Anyway, my appellation is Mascaras. So you are free to call me by that name,’
‘That’s a nice name. I know Mascaras the wrestler. Do you wrestle as well?’ And where do you do your wrestling on the ring or on the bed?’
 ‘On the latter’, I said jokingly.
 ‘Have you done the Mathematics assignment?’ she asked.
 ‘Yes, I have. What about you?’
 ‘I haven’t. I don’t know how to go about them. They are too tough for me’. She lamented.
 ‘But those questions are simple. They are more of Arithmetic problems than Mathematics. Anyway, let’s use this opportunity to solve them. Do you have them here?’
‘Yes I do.
 Titi brought her textbook out of her bag. I took it and started solving the sums and explaining the steps simultaneously. Having solved two of the five sums, I asked Titi to solve the third question. She merely looked at me. I urged her to work it that it would be in her interest.
‘Constant practice is what you need.’ I advised her.
 ‘But I don’t understand it. Oh! How I hate math!’ She lamented.
 She refused to solve the remaining sums. Consequently, I had to work all the five sums. She copied them in her exercise book. And when I rose up to go, she pulled me down gently and planted a kiss on my cheek. Her lips were warm and inviting. Her breath was violent on my brow. I threw every caution to the wind and held her tightly too. My manhood reacted sharply to her pleasant feminine body. Titi felt its hardness and held me so tightly that I could hardly breathe. We were like that for about ten minutes! We could have stayed on for eternity if our mates had not started trooping in for the English Language class scheduled for that evening.
 I hardly heard a word the teacher said in that lesson. My mind was on Titi. She lovingly rested her head on my shoulder and was secretly stroking my thighs. Segun who sat beside me said we should stop romancing in the lecture theatre when a lesson was going on. I looked at Titi. She jokingly asked Segun to mind his business and concentrate.
 ‘How can I concentrate when a Romeo and a Juliet are at their love game?’
 The teacher was eager to deliver his lesson so he didn’t bother to exercise much control over the class, more so, as the students were mature ones. The lesson itself was not compulsory. By the time the teacher finished his lesson, it was quite dark. Hardly had the teacher left when NEPA struck. The whole compound was thrown into total darkness. Deafening shouts rent the air. Girls were really screaming as notorious boys were having a free day. Frightened and somewhat happy, Titi clung to me. She held me by the waist this time. I could hear Segun whispering to me, ‘Boy, how lucky you are! I wish I had sat beside ‘Alhaja’. Alhaja, I learnt later was Segun’s sweetheart in the school.
 Titi and I sat down clinging to each other as others scrambled out. Our generator set had long been grounded so I learnt; thus there was no point expecting light unless NEPA gave us. Other students in the hostel had lighted their lamps, some flashed their torches and thus, the compound was a bit illuminated.
 Without uttering a word, I began to explore Titi’s body. As my hand touched every part of her body I had the same sensation a wizard guitarist would have while playing his guitar. Before my hand got to her pointed breasts, her nipples had stood erect. I held them and squeezed them a bit hard. Titi moaned and said, ‘Mascaras, you are hurting me!’ I ignored her and placed my hands on her back as if I wanted to do handstand as we used to do in the Physical Education practical class. I bent her body and placed her hands on the back rest of the seat in the lecture theatre.
I then pulled her legs slightly apart, held her between the navel, and her buttocks and placed my rigid manhood between her legs from the back. From her scream and my inability to enter her, I knew that Titi hadn’t known a man. She became the third girl that I had ‘met at home’ and deflowered during my journey through the desert of immorality.



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