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Beauty is in The Eye of the Beholder, By Jerome Yaovi Onipede

Certain single men out there prefer to go for very beautiful ladies when they are searching for a marriage partner. They usually miss out on some of the most important qualities and details like home training, self-discipline, inner strength, character, etc. And as they ignore these virtues, they end up with A NIGHTMARE DISGUISED AS A WOMAN.

Today, we have a lot of ladies with irritable issues, who without inhibition exhibit rudeness and disrespect at every opportunity they have to recommend themselves. They are always ready to blame this ART OF DYSFUNCTIONAL MOSAIC on their past because they assume they are the only ones with a woeful past, forgetting that they are adults now, and will need to GROW UP to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for where they are at this time of their lives if they don’t want to end up with a regrettable future.

It is no wonder that women with character have become priceless, scarce and in high demand now by men searching for future partners. When these men find such women, and get married to them, their counterparts who spend more time painting their faces like it’s a colouring book, complain and ask;

“Jerome, why is it that the ugly girls are getting married, and we, the beautiful ones, are not?”

Well, with the scarcity of women of noble character, men who want to be with a woman they can last long with in marriage, are beginning to redefine beauty, wondering if it should be sought for in the face, body, or character, and if they don’t find it in the first two, such men settle for CHARACTER, because they know that a woman with character possesses inner beauty, and with time the beauty inside always finds its way out to the admiration of all.

So, if you are also asking why the ladies you consider as ugly are getting married, and you the so-called beautiful ones are not, maybe you need to understand that “BEAUTY IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER” like they say. And the kind of beauty you have to present may not be the beauty the man seeking for a life-long partner is looking for, because he is learning that beauty fades with time, and when it does, you probably will have nothing else to offer.



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