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Husband Drags Wife Out of Moving Car, Assualts Her Lawyer

A lawyer has narrated how he was beaten up and nearly killed on a busy road in Yaba area of Lagos yesterday by a jealous husband who falsely accused him of sleeping with his wife.

The lawyer, whose Twitter name is Underrated, recalled his unpleasant experience in a tweet on the handle, @Agbejoro_

According to him, he was having a chat with the woman, who had contracted him to handle her impending divorce from the abusive husband, when the man appeared from nowhere and lunged at both of them.

Attempt by the woman to drive off was futile as the man jumped on the bonnet and used his bare hands to smash the windshield while the car was in motion.

He then tried to pull his wife out of the car through the crack until he succeeded in forcing the car to a stop.

He immediately descended on the woman and thereafter on the lawyer, whom he accused of having an affair with his wife, until they were both rescued by a crowd that was attracted by their shouts.

The man subsequently fled the scene, while the wife and the lawyer went to Adekunle police station to Lodge a complaint.

The woman was thereafter referred to the Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team at the Lagos State Ministry of Justice, Alausa Secretariat, Ikeja.

Part of the lawyer's tweet Part of the lawyer’s tweet

Read the full tweet below:

“Today, I have become a feminist. I was an indirect victim of domestic violence. I am shaken at how the police would condemn someone who was obviously victimized and almost killed and ask her why should she leave her husband. Today I lost faith in this country.

“I was in a vehicle with a potential client, she wanted out because her husband was abusive and violent. The next thing I saw was a man trying to forcefully gain entrance into the vehicle. I thought it was armed robbers. I shouted madam drive!

“She drove, this man climbed on the vehicle and continued to hit. I was lost, I was wondering what desperate robber would go to this extent and try to rob. I thought driving off would scare him. This man started hitting the windscreen till he broke it.

“I started shouting Ole (Thief) because I was sacred… Until I heard him say, ‘you are the one sleeping with my wife’. Dude gained entry through the windscreen and started choking her. I was dragging this mad beast and it was like I was beating against a wall.

“The vehicle stopped after we almost got hit by a trailer. The guy wanted to kill everyone. He was just dragging her by her hair and beating her and I was shamed by my strength. I started shouting Ole with vigour as I saw people gather.

“Luckily for us people came and about four men joined me in dragging this man off. He turned to me and started to assault me, (while claiming) that I was the man sleeping with his wife. The beast was dragging me to the main road. This happened at Adekunle bustop at Railway. I was counting the end.

“The gathered crowd stopped him. And I told all of them that I was a lawyer and I was just having a chat with my client. I showed them my ID card and they believed me. I begged them to hurriedly call the police as we were close to Adekunle police station (and) he had resumed beating her.

“Seeing that the police were on their way, he ran away. We drove to Adekunle police station to lodge a complaint. And this is where it gets interesting. The Nigerian Police told us that ‘Emmm maybe it was because he saw you with a man in the car?’ Like WTF!!!

“The police said, ‘lawyer, if I see my wife with another man even if she has left I know what I can do’. Only like two of them were sympathetic about the whole issue. Some said it’s a husband and wife thing, (so) lawyer don’t involve yourself. I was lost.

“This woman was assaulted with blood all over, the same with me and you are saying it is a husband and wife matter? My God! Like what the f’cking flying f’ck! (Some even said, ‘the man still likes the woman’. I was crying and laughing at the same time.

“I don’t want to post the picture of my client. I am shocked. Why would Nigerian women not be afraid of reporting their abusive husbands. If they are ridiculed and shamed. I have been threatened by a mad man. Tonight I faced the monster an average woman faces everyday.”



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