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Guards who Return Dollars, Other Expensive Valuables at MMIA Receive Honour

The management of Halogen Security Company Limited, on Wednesday, honoured two of the company’s gallant guards, Achi Daniel and Francis Emepueaku, for outstanding display of honesty on their duty posts.

Messrs Achi and Emepueaku, on guard duty at the new multi level car park at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport (MMIA) Ikeja, Lagos, found and returned a misplaced bag containing valuable items.

Some of the items in the bag include a phone, large sums of money in Dollar denomination as well as expensive gift items which were returned to the owner, a lady who had just arrived Nigeria from the United States of America, on August 18, 2018.

The company’s management led by the Group Managing Director, Mr. Wale Olaoye and other directors of the company, singled them out for honour with an early morning ceremonial parade by their colleagues on August 22.

Symbolically, the parade of honour was at the MMIA, Lagos. Achi Daniel, a junior guard who was deployed to secure the multi-level car park facility managed by a Halogen client, Aphamead Facilities Management Limited, at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Ikeja-Lagos, found the lost bag and immediately handed the exhibit to his supervisor, Francis Emepueaku, for proper handling and investigation of the incident.

His supervisor, thereafter, scrolled through the phone in the lost bag and called one of the bag owner’s contacts that he had found on the phone. “Alas, the contact happened to be the daughter of the owner of the bag, who received the call in America. This legendary display of integrity got the owner surprised,” the company stated.

In his commendation speech, the Group Managing Director, Mr. Wale Olaoye, expressed deep satisfaction at the open display of integrity displayed by the two guards. He observed that they exhibited Halogen Security intrinsic values.

‘’I stand here to convey best wishes from the management and staff of Halogen Security Company Limited to all of you. We are particularly proud of Achi Daniel and Francis Emepueaku for their impressive show of integrity, passion, excellence and respect.

“Those are our inestimable values. These two heroes represent who we truly are; the trustworthy partner anyone cannot do without. They are who we are, one of the best brands from Nigeria. I am proud of them’’, he noted with pride.

Olaoye encouraged the two guards and their colleagues to see themselves as the potential chief security officer of any multinational company.

He added that “Halogen Security has produced many chief security officers of major multinational companies like MTN, Virgin Nigeria and Air Nigeria among others from here in the past. Any of you can rise to that level, I encourage you to aim high’’.

Speaking further, he urged them to raise their level of passion and professionalism on the job, as more attention will now be focused on the Halogen brand because of the positive conduct put up by two guards. ‘

“This should be a source of inspiration and caution for you all as public expectation of the level of your professionalism have risen with this positive development,” he advised.

Earlier, in a message to Halogen Security Limited, Dr. Banji Oyegbami, a Lagos based medical practitioner and a family friend of the owner of the lost bag who witnessed the incident, expressed hope that Nigeria will be great again with men of integrity such as are being raised by Halogen Security Company Limited.

“I was really surprised at the level of honesty and integrity displayed by Mr. Francis and Mr. Achi Daniel both of Halogen Security and I think they should be commended. There is no doubt, Nigeria is going to be great again with these kind of new breed of professionals ’’, he said.

Meanwhile, President Muhammadu Buhari has commended two security men who returned a handbag filled with valuables forgotten at the Murtala Mohammed Airport, Ikeja- Lagos by an American returnee, saying “such conduct reflects the new Nigeria that we all desire.”

The President called on Nigerians to emulate their conduct to make the country a reference point for good conducts. Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, on Wednesday, stated that Buhari believed that despite the scoffing of a minority number, Nigeria is resolutely on the road to a new dawn.

“Honesty remains the best policy. We must exhibit such behaviour in whatever position we find ourselves, whether high or low,” the president submitted.

According to him, “The security men could have chosen to behave differently, following the self-serving principle of ‘if you can’t beat them, join them.’ But they have chosen to be examples of good, honest Nigerians. I commend their conduct to the rest of the country.”

The President urged Nigerians to bring out the best in themselves at all times, noting that with such minds, they can never be hoodwinked again by those who seek power for selfish and dubious reasons, and return the country to an inglorious past.

“Nigeria will no longer be a byword for corruption and plundering of public resources. That is the path we have chosen to take, and our country will eventually get to a new shore,” President Buhari affirmed.

A Lagos-based medical doctor, Banji Oyegbami, had met a family returning from America at the airport on August 18, 2018. In the process of loading their luggage into the car of their host, the handbag of the returnee’s wife fell, unknown to anyone.

It was not till 90 minutes later that an officer of Halogen Securities, on duty at the airport, called the couple, to come for the retrieval of the bag.

When the bag was eventually collected, the contents, including a handsome amount of American dollars, phone, wrist watch, and other valuables were intact.

The grateful couple offered a generous gift, but Messrs Francis Emepueaku and Achi Daniel, declined, saying they were merely doing their duties.



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