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As Flag Carrier, Nigeria Air Sets to Roll

Each time I remember that Ethopian Airline is managed by a country in Africa, I get depressed. The airline acquired its 100th aircraft some few weeks ago. It remains one of the major mainstays of the country’s economy.

Ethiopian Airline flies to more than 100 destinations across the world on a daily basis. The economic impact of such cannot be overemphasised. You can imagine the number of employment that an airline with 100 aircraft would generate. That is not to mention the horde of vendors and contractors providing one service or the other for the company.

Defunct Nigerian Airways had all the ingredients of becoming a truly-global airline but the “Nigerian factor” as exemplified by selfish politicians with active connivance of the irresponsible bureaucracy and staff. Nigerian Airways is now consigned to our ugly past.

But from the ashes of our past, like the proverbial magical bird, phoenix comes the commitment for a brighter future. Nigeria Air is here.

The lessons from the demise of Nigerian Airways need to be the guiding principles as they couple this new airline together. It should be insulated from the filthy hands of politicians. It should be private-sector led with government holding a minority share.

There is no harm or shame in asking Ethiopian Airline or any one that has achieved success in the industry, for tips on their business survival strategy.

President Muhammadu Buhari, must not see the establishment of Nigeria Air as an achievement yet until the structure, process and mechanics for greatness are put in place.

A stitch in time, at times saves more than nine.




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