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Ojudu Group Hails Fayemi’s Victory

The Ekiti Rebirth Organisation, ERO, a political pressure group in Ekiti State, has congratulated the winner of Saturday governorship election in the state, Dr Kayode Fayemi, describing his victory as” the liberation of a people, so enmeshed in slavery.”

In a statement signed by ERO’s Director General, Chief Ranti Adebisi, the group commended the doggedness and resolve of the people of Ekiti State to vote out the incumbent government of Governor Ayodele Fayose, which it accused of governmental ineptitudes.

The group, while congratulating Fayemi, enjoined all stakeholders in the state to join hands with the incoming governor to ensure a quick fix of the state to the right direction and for optimum democratic gains.

The statement states: “Yesterday, history was made in our beloved State, Ekiti as we all came out enmass to endorse light over darkness through our franchise. By the feat, we have loosen the chain that has long held our people down in servitude and now we are all breathing the breath of freedom; freedom from oppression, freedom from servitude, freedom from economic depression and governmental hooliganism.

“Now it is important for us all to celebrate this victory, enjoy this moment and wish Dr Kayode Fayemi success in rebuilding our state to the collective aspirations of us in the progressive fold.

“We thank the people of Ekiti generally for the bold statement made yesterday to vote massively for our candidate, Dr Fayemi to don the robe of merited victory. You have all tried your best in the circumstance.

“The challenge now is to rebuild our state, change our perception to the positive, provide jobs and productive engagements for our people, reorientate them and bring our State back to reckoning. Our people deserve good life and this we are set to give them with all of us joining hands together to effect the quick possibility of a great rebirth which has all the while been drowned through governmental inexpertise of the outgoing regime.

“It is a big task that requires the participation of all of us and you don’t have to be in government to make your contributions to this onerous task.

“We must bring our knowledge, experience, commitment and passion to bear in the task of ensuring that our people are totally liberated and empowered to be able to discern what is good for them from what is poison.

“Above all we should be vigilant and ensure that never again shall we have the likes of Ayo Fayose and his cohorts at the helm of affairs in our state.

“God bless you all and thank you immensely for your love for our candidate, Dr John Kayode Fayemi, for our party and for our State.

“Arise all, for our glory has risen. This is the day that the Lord has made and we are glad and happy.

“Ure Ekiti ti soju ra o!”



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