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Ojodu Will Run On APC Ticket

Our attention has been drawn to a roguish report by an online medium WazobiaReporters, alleging that, Senator Babafemi Ojudu, a Governorship aspirant under the All Progressives Congress (APC) may dump the APC and contest the governorship election under the platform of the Alliance for Democracy (AD). We will like to state categorically that the assertion by the medium is false, unfounded and nothing but wild imagination from the pit of hell.

In the report titled: Exclusive! Buhari’s Political Adviser, Senator Ojudu Sets To Leave APC For AD, Removes Party Logo From Campaign Billboards,” the jejune writer, concluded that if a candidate material does not contain party logo that means the candidate is about to jump party. Such conclusions can only come from the untutored or those who wickedly remain so.

It is an open fact that WazobiaReporters is owned and operated by Lere Olayinka, the official spokesperson of incumbent Governor, Ayodele Fayose and as such, can never be a source of any credible information.

To further advertise unprofessionalism, ignorance and wanton desperation to malign a leading light, loyalist and committed party stalwart, the reporter also alluded that Senator Ojudu belonged to a faction in the Ekiti APC that was on a collision course with the present Exco and as such could not get the party’s ticket in the primaries.

Unfortunately, both the phantom reporter and the organisation he represents were so much in a hurry to lend authenticity to their story by talking to any party Exco or member in the state, so were they also too hasty to reach out to the incumbent Special Adviser to the President on Political Matters, for confirmation or denial. They were quick to throw professionalism overboard, forgeting the basic rule in credible reporting: “when in doubt, leave out.”

But we are very much aware that there was nothing to warrant accuracy since the concoction was a deliberate garment of deceit, hurriedly sewn without considering the size of the wearer. Sadly, SBO has outgrown the infantile size.

We in Ekiti Rebirth Organisation, (ERO) a group of progressives that have resolved to bring good governance back to Ekiti State come July 14 2018, with Senator Babafemi Ojudu as the leading light, are not perturbed by the laughable wailings and outcries coming from the opponents’ camp.

The journey that brought us to today’s fame started over a year ago with series of internal alignments that have produced a more virile, more focused, more robust APC, ever united in the course to reclaim our mandate from the ravaging locusts whose only intention is to come, ridicule, molest, rape and rob our people.

Ekiti APC under the leadership of Chief Jide Awe is intact, indivisible and constant. We have a common goal. Our goal is to liberate our people from the shackles of oppression and economic seizure brought about by administrative hooliganism and brigandage in the high places. Our people are groaning in agony and we are united in the quest to rescue them and recover the dying economy of the state from bare faced marauders riding rod shod on our people.

To put the records straight, the few billboards mounted so far are contributions of our members to showcase our Lead Compatriot and his intention to run for the governorship race in the July 14 election. Members of APC across the state are not unaware of our mission and political affiliation. We are a people of order. We take a step at a time, devoid of desperation and aggression. Our primary concern is our people and their liberation from their present parlous state. We remain committed to APC and every of its ideals and rules. We will not waver; neither shall we be distracted by a drowning regime that has brought nothing but poverty and humiliation to our people.

We however, sympathize with Lere Olayinka and his paymaster who are already having sleepless nights as a result of Ojudu’s rising profile in Ekiti. We know Ojudu is Fayose’s biggest headache and now the eagle has landed. The days of deceptions are over in Ekiti. Ekiti Rebirth is near.

This is the second time in a week that the billboards have become subject of attack by close aides of Fayose because they tower higher than the reach and intellectual capacity of the current warlords in Ekiti.

Infact since the billboard did not also include “Vote Ojudu for Governor,” we expect that WazobiaReporter will write a sequel that ojudu is contesting for State House of Assembly and not Governorship.

We like to restate for the umpteenth time that Ojudu remain a progressive and will continue to be a progressive. He has no intention now or in the future to leave the APC. He is contesting the Governorship election under APC to win and rescue Ekiti. That is what Ekiti wants and that is what we will achieve.



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