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Dana Crash: Accident Investigation Bureau Releases Final Report

The Accident Investigation Bureau has released the final report of investigations into the crash of Dana aircraft 992 which occurred on June 3, 2012.
The report stated that the plane lost power from its two engines.

The second engine is said to have lost power shortly before the plane was due to land.

The aircraft crashed at the Iju Ishaga area of Lagos, killing all on board and six persons on the ground.

The AIB further stated that it made four recommendations, each targeted at the engine manufacturer, Dana Airline, the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency and the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority.

It said in its 35-point conclusion that the flight crew were certified to fly the aircraft, adding that the two pilots were foreigners.

“The flight crew were certified to fly the aircraft. The two pilots were foreigners.

“The Captain was new in the company, having been employed on the 14th of March, 2012 and was checked out as a line Captain on 1st May, 2012.”

The report however revealed that the captain had previous regulatory issues with the U.S.A Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) which led to his suspension at that time.

“All the reference letters presented by the Captain to Dana Airlines were neither signed nor authenticated. The background check on the Captain was inadequate.

“The line training given to the Captain was hurriedly carried out. There was no evidence that the deficiencies observed by the checkout Captain were addressed before the accident Captain was released for line operation.

“The co-pilot’s first experience on a commercial jet airplane was with Dana Airlines. The aircraft was airworthy at the time of departure.

“The aircraft came out from a check and was released to service on 1st June, 2012. All deferred defects were cleared during the last check.

“The left aileron bus cable was replaced on 1st June, 2012.

“A test flight was carried out on 2nd June, 2012 after the replacement of left aileron bus cable.

“5N-RAM Engine No.1 was not compliant with SB 6452 while Engine No. 2 was in compliance with the SB.

“Both 5N-RAM Engines were overhauled in Millenium Engine Associates Inc. within a time frame of four (4) months.”

The report further revealed that as at the time of departure, the aircraft left Abuja with three hours and thirty minutes fuel endurance.

“The aircraft departed Abuja with three hours and thirty minutes fuel

“The engine number 1 lost power, 17 minutes into the flight. There was no evidence that both normal and emergency checklist were used
throughout the duration of the flight before the crash.

“The aircraft did not make any contact with the Control Tower before the

“The aircraft crashed five miles on the extended centreline of runway 18R, into a residential area.

“Its first point of impact was an uncompleted building followed by a mango tree, a Coconut tree, and finally three other buildings.

“There was fire outbreak. All 147 passengers and six crew were killed.

“There were other fatalities on ground and the aircraft wreckage was concentrated in a small area.

“The huge crowd of people at the crash site slowed down rescue efforts and

“The Fire Service ran out of water and it was very difficult to replenish supply because of the crowd and poor road network; also, flight recorders (black boxes) were recovered but were badly burnt.

“NCAA revalidation procedures were not followed before the captain’s licence was issued.

“The validated licence issued by NCAA to the captain was stamped but not signed.

“There was a related incident involving 5N-SAI, an aircraft in Dana Airlines’ fleet that led to an air return on 6th October, 2013 for which the Airline issued an Engineering Authorization No. MD83-EA-73-001.

“Millenium Engine Associates Inc. (MRO) has changed its name to Global Engine Maintenance LLC with the same FAA certificate number Y2MR496Y.

“5N-SAI Engine No.1 was not compliant with SB 6452 and overhauled in Global Engine Maintenance LLC on 11th April, 2013,” the report stated.




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