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Chioma Akpotha Knocks Gideon Okeke for ‘Disrespecting’ Veteran Actor

Nollywood Actress, Chioma Akpotha, has condemned  colleague Gideon Okeke for criticising Chiwetalu Agu, a veteran actor, over the  use of vulgarity in his movies.

Okeke had taken to his Instagram page on Thursday to complain about the “liberty” given to Agu by Nollywood producers and directors.

The actor had said: “I know to check the sanity of my ears and mind whenever he comes on screen.

“I’m a fan of his but the measure of liberty this dear actor enjoys from directors and producers (within Nollywood) to improvise vulgarities in movies is not funny to me anymore, as an audience member.”

“This is a case for the film and video censors board and our movie channels that play “eyes-right” to the demographic ratings 13, 16, 18 or PG. He’s funny no doubt but the kids are watching. Adults are cringing. NFVCB must be sleeping.”

Akpotha, star of Wives on Strike, responded by saying the Fractures actor had no right to criticise the manner in which Agu “delivers his craft”.

In a flurry of tweets, she said, “I do not like to see or hear small children disrespect elders ( whether by age or craft ) all in the name of social media.”

“How dare you insult an older talent on social media all in the bid to sound intelligent and all knowing? How dare you? If You have a problem with how an actor delivers his craft, take it up with the regulatory bodies as you want to be tough.

“This is not even about support. It’s about morals. Something most of our ‘new generation’ actors lack.”

Chioma's tweets
Chioma’s tweets
Chioma's tweets
Chioma’s tweets

The actor, who has since deleted the Instagram post where he criticised Agu, again took to the social media platform to defend his position.

“I see I have been trending on social media all day but I still feel every performer should care about the work they put out. You should care about your audience, if for nothing,” Okeke said.



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