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APC Prepared For Defeat Not Victory

BuhariA lot of Nigerians who support the present government are moaning behind the scene, too embarrassed to speak in the open so they will not be mocked, that attitude is wrong, how will the government we back know about the people’s discontentment, it is because they do not feel the pulse of the people that would make a Femi Adesina ask Nigerians to take over the duty of the Commander in Chief and go after vandals, it is the same detachment from reality that would make an Abike Dabiri who is meant to be the go between Nigerians in Diaspora and the Presidency to ask that silly question “Who is begging you to come home”.

How about the oil Minister Kachikwu who did us a favour by accepting to be Minister only to find out he’s “not a magician”, oh I forgot Lai Mohhammed who can’t but always remind us the PDP destroyed Nigeria in 16 years, Lai assumes we (Nigerians) just arrived from mass so we are not aware of the locust years of the PDP.

On paper @APCNigeria produced the President, with majority in both legislative arms but in reality @APCNigeria is NOT IN CONTROL of ANYTHING. How can a party with such huge mandate from the Nigerian people can’t put aside the selfishness of its political gladiators and

1. Pass a Budget without drama.
2. Initiate a bill to create special courts in all the geo political zones to concentrate MAINLY on corruption trials.

3. Set politics aside and initiate further bills that would uplift the life of Nigerians.

Right now it appears the APC President is facing Zungeru, the APC Senate President is navigating towards Gashua the APC Speaker of the house is just jejely holding is own corner and doing Bola Ige’s “siddon look”. The APC Governors are waiting for Buhari to fail so they can line themselves up for 2019 and take his place.

The Ministers are waiting on the President’s ‘Body Language’ the President is waiting for his political party to make up their mind before he appoints capable Nigerians to the various units of government that could impact on Nigerians and to make things worse Nigeria is BLESSED with the worse opposition party in the history of Nigerian politics, the Official Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Nigeria is more or less a gathering of comedians, with its vocal members from the chief clown of the South West Mr Ayo Fayose to it’s wounded Spokesperson Metuh speaking more about irrelevant things than providing alternative policies, as a matter of fact PDP is in such a bad shape that the only saviour they rely on now is the thug in Rivers.

APC should take a break from it’s celebratory mood and GET DOWN with the serious business of governance, they can actually start by advising government officials to drop the arrogance they display on weekly basis, feeling more like LORDS over Nigerians rather than servants elected by the people to serve. It is unbelievable that a political party with such HUGE mandate from the Nigerian people is acting like it prepared more for DEFEAT then VICTORY.

No Light! No Fuel! No Road Map! Yes it took 16 years for PDP to destroy Nigeria but we do not need our government and the ruling party reminding us about that, we NEED YOU TO GET DOWN TO BUSINESS. The wailers are wailing but Nigerians are not smiling.

By Kayode Ogundamisi



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