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ONSA Contracts: Presidential Committee Indicts 300 Firms, Recovers N7 Billion

Dasuki-SamboA committee set up to probe contracts awarded by the Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA) from 2011 to 2015 has indicted more than 300 companies and prominent citizens including serving and retired officers of the armed forces.

Over N7 Billion has been recovered so far from the indicted companies and individuals.

Another N41 Billion is to be refunded by the indicted companies while further investigation by the EFCC has been ordered to determine whether another N75 Billion should be recovered from some of the companies for unexecuted or partially executed contracts.

The committee further established that one of the indicted companies, Societe D’Equipment International was overpaid to the tune of 7.9 Million Euros and $7.09 Million.

The committee which is different from the committee that is investigating the Defence Arms and Equipment Procurement, discovered that there was a total disregard of salient provisions of the Public Procurement Act in the award of contracts by ONSA.

Several contractors were apparently over paid, while others were given full upfront payments contrary to their contract terms and agreements in force.

There was also evidence of payments to individuals and companies by ONSA without any contractual agreement or evidence of jobs executed. The committee further discovered that some companies failed to meet up their tax obligations for contracts executed.

The Committee has made attempts and succeeded in recovering some of the funds from these individuals and organizations amounting to Three Billion, Five Hundred and Thirty Seven Million, Five Hundred and forty Nine Thousand, Two Hundred and Twenty Three Naira and Four Kobo(N3,537,549,223.04), Eight Million US Dollars($8,000,000.00) and houses worth Five Hundred and

Twelve Million Naira (512,000,000.00) from 32 companies. The Committee also established that some individuals and companies received monies without evidence of contractual agreements or jobs done. The amount received by these individuals was Seven Billion One Hundred and Four Million, Nine Hundred and Twenty Five Thousand Naira only


In a similar vein, the Committee revealed that some companies that failed to execute contracts or did so partially were to make refunds. The total amount to be refunded is Nineteen Billion, Eight Hundred and Ninety Six Million, five Hundred and Thirty Nine Thousand, One Hundred and Twenty-five Naira and thirty kobo (N19,896,539,125.20) only, Forty Three Million Seven Hundred and Seventy One Thousand, Four Hundred and Thirty Three US Dollars and Seventy-Three Cents ($43,771,433.73) and 2 houses in Abuja worth Two Hundred and Sixty Million Naira


The Committee also revealed that 15 companies were awarded contracts that require further investigation to ascertain the status of their contracts. The total value of the contracts awarded in this category was Eleven Billion Seven Hundred and Twenty Six Million Five Hundred and Seventy One Naira only (N11,726,571,161.00), Two Hundred and Two Million, One Hundred and Twenty Six Thousand, Eight Hundred and Ninety US Dollars only ($202,136,890.00) and Four Million, One Hundred and Fourteen Thousand

Seven Hundred and Fifty Two Euros and Ninety Six Cents (€4,114,752.96).

The Companies investigated by the committee include:

a. Abrahams Telecommunication Limited and Value

Trust Investment Limited RC 1050628 and RC133792.

b. Bilal Turnkey Contractors Limited RC 616389.

c. Circular Automobile Limited RC 953549.

d. Continental Project Associates Limited RC 1201210.

e. Da’voice Network Solutions Limited RC 658879.

f. Foretech Investment Limited RC 759046.

g. Forts and Sheild Limited RC 1148793.

h. GDP Associated Limited RC 830715.

i. Hakimco Automobiles – RC 904389.

j. Hamada Properties and Investment Limited RC


k. International Resources Management Company RC


l. Investment Options Limited – RC 133484.

m. Jakadiya Picture Company Limited RC 270972.

n. JBE Multimedia Investment Limited RC 48875.

o. Kamala Motors Limited RC 845545.

p. Key Information Services Limited RC 297516.

q. Leeman Communications Limited RC 499781.

r. MCAF Associates RC 734745.

s. Moortown Global Investment RC 968416.

t. Syntec Nigeria Limited RC 220165.

u. Trafiga Limited RC 1098961.

v. Trim Communications Limited RC 261180.

w. Securicor Emergency and Safety RC 431246.

x. Sologic Integrated Services Limited RC 744982.

y. Wada Autos Limited RC 1082513.

z. Zukhruf Nigeria Limited RC 306244.

aa. 2020 Nigeria Limited RC 1090292.

bb. A and B Associates Limited RC 279980.

The individuals and companies that received payments

without contractual agreements are:

a. Honourable Bello Matawalle.

b. Brigadier General AS Mormoni-Bashir (the former

Principal General Staff Officer at the ONSA and still a

serving military officer).

c. Alhaji Umar Sani.

d. Dr Yakubu Sanky.

e. Baba Bala.

f. Ambassador Clement Layiwola Lasseinde (a

Director in the ONSA).

g. An architect from Baitil Atiq Travels and Tours.

h. Alhaji Shuaibu Salisu (The former Director of

Finance and Administration at the ONSA).

i. Colonel Bello Fadile (rtd) (Special Adviser to Lt Col

Sambo Dasuki; former NSA).

j. Mr Otunla Jonah Niyi.

k. Otunba Adelakun.

l. Alhaji Bashir Yaguda.

m. Dr Tunji Olagunju.

n. Miss Oluwatoyin Oluwagbayi.

o. Lt Col MS Dasuki (rtd) {The former NSA}.

p. Honourable Maipata Mohammed Abubakar.

q. Mohammed Suleiman. From Musaco investment and


r. Ibrahim Abdullahi also from Musaco investment and


s. Alhaji Aliyu Usman.

t. 18 other officers that served in the ONSA.

The companies that out rightly failed to execute contracts or did so partially, and have therefore been asked to refund various sums with are as follows:

a. A and Hatman Limited.

b. Abuja Consulting Limited.

c. Afro-Arab Investment.

d. Agbede A Adeshina and Co.

e. Aleppo Systems Nigeria Limited – RC 947255.

f. Amp Africa Holdings and Solar Services.

g. Apple Drops Nigeria Limited – RC 1102219.

h. Apt Security Limited – RC 165189.

i. Autoforms Integrated Enterprises Limited – RC


j. Axis Consulting Services Limited – RC 1151145.

k. Belsha Nigeria Limited.

l. Community Defence Law Foundation – RC/IT No


m. Complus International Service Limited.

n. Cosse Limited – RC 316214.

o. Daar Investment and Holdings Limited.

p. Dalhatu Investment Limited – RC 404535.

q. Destra Investment Limited.

r. Development Strategies International Limited – RC


t. DFX/White Zebu BDC – RC787658/RC1049919.

u. Duchy Concepts Limited RC392281.

v. Fara Security Limited RC 694607.

w. Fimex Gilt Nigeria Limited RC 143150.

x. First Aralac Global Limited RC939512.

y. Fix-HYL Global Investment RC1129654.

z. Good year Properties Limited RC1168828.

aa. Image Merchant Promotions Limited RC 416703.

bb. Interglobal Limited RC 189188.

cc. Jos Peace Dialogue Forum CAC/IT/No75434.

dd. Kakatar Limited RC 443321.

ee. Leaderette Nigeria/Norden Global

RC 422129/RC1119925.

ff. London Advertising Limited UK BASED.

gg. Mithra Oil Limited RC 620979.

hh. NigerLink BOG (Under Musaco Investment)

RC 834592

ii. Iban Global (Under Musaco Investment)

jj. Musaco Investment (Bank Charges)

kk. Mystrose Limited RC 475579.

ll. NAF Holding Company Limited.

mm. Peach Tree Communications Limited RC 410115.

nn. Perception BDC RC 740741.

oo. Pioneer Ventures RC 69776.

pp. Proptex Nigerian Limited – RC 116801.

qq. Prosedec Interglobal Limited RC 619845.

rr. Real Property Investment Limited RC 294761.

ss. Sinash Communications Limited RC 333134.

tt. Skytick International Limited RC 798693.

uu. Soject Nigeria Limited RC 74991.

vv. StellaVera Development Company Limited

RC 713258.

ww. Teracon AG SWISS BASED.

xx. Wehsec Farms Limited RC 713258.

yy. African Cable Television Limited RC 1113903.

zz. BCN Nigeria Limited RC 509693.

aaa. Brains and Hammers RC 655673.

bbb. Concept Options Ultimate Limited RC 604167.

ccc. Elizade Nigeria Limited RC 11544.

ddd. Emerging Platforms Limited RC 922205.

eee. EMI System Nigeria Limited RC 248986.

fff. Hadassa Investment and Security RC 709085.

ggg. Kala Consulting Solutions Limited RC 98562.

hhh. Pioneer Ventures.

iii. Nan Bizcom Nigeria Limited RC 680708.

jjj. Nerres Limited RC 1138835.

kkk. Plectrum Consulting Limited RC 937931.

lll. Protech Consultant RC 301426.

mmm. Summit Publications Limited RC 304671.

nnn. Telios Development Limited RC 468351.

ooo. Urban Abode Nigeria Limited RC 651613.

ppp. RCN Networks Limited RC 439720.

qqq. Sail International Limited RC 97863.

rrr. Suburban Broadway Limited – RC 469689.

sss. Geronimo Middle East and Africa.

ttt. Julius Berger RC 6852.

uuu. Romgat Morgan Nigeria Limited RC 902020.

vvv. Stallion Motors Limited RC 178627.

Contracts awarded to the following companies are to be further


a. 2020 Nigeria Limited RC 1090292.

b. Acacia Holdings Limited RC 940978.

c. Africair Incorporated US Company.

d. Augusta Westland Limited.

e. Almond Project Limited.

f. Bam Project and Properties.

g. Bob Oshodin Organisation Limited RC 790662.

h. Coral Builders Limited RC 397748.

i. Dan Clington Nigeria Limited RC 940978.

j. Law Partners and Associates BN/UY/004566.

k. Magnificient 5 ventures Limited BN/2299463.

l. MPS Global Services Limited.

m. One plus Holdings Nigeria Limited RC 695999.

n. Quadsix Nigeria Limited RC 1177968.

o. Reliance Reference Hospitals

Garba Shehu

SSA to the President

(Media & Publicity)

March 24, 2016



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