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P-Square Saga: Fact, Fiction Or Mere Stunt?

BET and Centric Present "La Fete Noire" - An Evening to Celebrate the 2010 BET AwardsPractically, everybody in the know in the Nigerian entertainment industry believes the pop duo and twins, Psquare have broken up and already pursuing their separate solo careers, following Peter’s tweets that he is to be known as Mr P, and in the process announcing his own solo management team.

The fact that the two brothers have also released their separate solo singles in the past week and have announced separate labels and management, more than stoked the fire that indeed Nigerians may be seeing the last of what is known as P-Square.

But hasn’t Potpourri seen it all and aptly captured the gathering storm in a piece it published last year, titled ‘Why P-Square may still break up?” The handwriting has been on the wall for years now but no one wanted to be a prophet of doom. It was Murphy’s law in action “whatever can go wrong, will always go wrong”. Truly, it seems all is going wrong for the brothers, Peter, Paul and their manager brother, Jude


It is only the uninformed that will believe all is well with the brothers. The recent brouhaha started with Peter calling for the resignation of their brother, Jude, as their manager, stating that whoever does business with him, did so at his/her own risk. Paul on the other hand was quick to squash the declaration, pitching his tent with their elder brother, Jude.

The fact here is that P-Square was staring down the barrel of a gun. Weeks after that, when it looked like the cocked gun wouldn’t go off afterall, trigger-happy Peter drew another line of fire to blow everything wide open, by his famous tweets everyone has taken as a seal on the break-up of the group.

Fiction: Who’s really the problem?

From the first news of their breakup a couple of years ago, Peter had been identified as the aggressor. In fact Peter openly stated he wanted out of the group for two reasons.

One, he said their elder brother, Jude, disrespected his wife. Two, he complained about his brothers, Paul and Jude, treating him like a passive member of the group. However, in spite of these ramblings, the group reconciled and moved on as P-Square.

But one fact that was established was that Peter was not completely at ease with Jude. Little wonder he later called for his resignation. So, could Jude be the problem as well?

Jude bosses them around

Howie T According to an online report, P-Square’s former manager, Howie T, revealed that Peter once confided in him that Jude bosses them around as an elder brother, and shares their income with them equally.

In his words, ‘…Jude always uses his influence as their elder brother to boss over them. He also said managers collect between 15 – 25 % of an artiste’s income but in their case they share everything equally and he’s not happy with that sharing formula…he told me that he turned down a show Jude got them in Finland and when they called them for the Dubai show, he told the organisers what it will take to get Peter and Paul, and what it takes to get Peter or Paul alone.

Secondly, things like this messes up an artiste’s creativity; Peter is a composer, dancer and singer, when they sit down to vote on songs that’ll make their album, Paul and Jude vote for more of Paul’s songs than Peter’s and these are the things that piss him off.’

A mere stunt?

In all this mess, Peter and Paul have never really gone at each other. The person in question has always been Jude. Peter has even absolved his twin brother of any blame in the crisis currently rocking the family.

One of his followers on Instagram had commented on one of his posts with the following words, ‘Your brother Paul is a di@k to just leave like that because of fame, forgetting fame first before any other thing. Baba move on with your life joor, you dance more than him.’

To which Peter swiftly responded, ‘Please don’t insult my brother Paul, he has nothing to do with whatsoever. Thanks” If a thought shared by a P-Square’s fan is anything to go by, this may just be another stunt to carry us along on their ride.

He wrote, ‘Peter, I understand the drama going on, this is totally a media hype for a new project Psquare is cooking. Break up, make up, produce a hit fans rush to listen to the comeback album bla bla bla.

Everyone is entitled to his own life, brothers, yes, but business wise I think they should separate and test the waters, plus if they do, it will be good business for the Nigerian music industry, check out previous group breakups n see the vast talents that were discovered. Don Jazzy, Dbanj, see results. Plantasun boiz, etc every time a new act is discovered.

Please I support a breakup let’s see how they will fair! Enough with the buhaha already #drops mic.

Jude Okoye resigns as P-Square manager

Jude took to his twitter account on Friday to announce that he has stepped down as the manager to the duo for the fourth time since their careers began, asking to be left in peace.

The twin brother’s seem to have moved on with their personal businesses with Peter Okoye unveiling his new stage name and management as well as Paul’s debut of his new artist.



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