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Igbo Youths Caution Radio Biafra Against Inciting, Hate Broadcasts


The Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youths have cautioned Nnamdi Kanu of Radio Biafra not to incite Ndigbo against the President or any part of Nigeria.
Mazi Okechukwu Isiguzoro, National President of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youths warned on Saturday that though Radio Biafra broadcasters have the right to express their views, these views should not create undue hoopla in the nation.
Isiguzoro added that Ndigbo have sacrificed a lot for Nigeria and are even “the owners” of Nigeria considering their size, population and the struggle for independence by their forebears.
“Yes, the Nigerian nation may not have given Ndigbo their due rights, but that should not lead to the kind of hate speeches emanating from Radio Biafra.
“It should not and does not imply that Ndigbo as a group, support the broadcasts. Nnamdi Kanu and his group have never told Ndigbo at any forum what he is doing with their name.
“The Igbo nation is too big for anybody to take them for granted,” it concluded.
NBC neutralises ‘Biafra Radio’ broadcasts, arrests operators

The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) said on Friday that it has “neutralised” illegal broadcasts from Biafra Radio which it said has “shattered” the peace of Southeast zone with hate and seditious messages.

It added that it had equally arrested its operators and confiscated many of their transmitters in various locations.

According to NBC, the arrested operators have been taken to Abuja for prosecution.

Mr Emeka Mba, Director-General of the commission, stated that its efforts were being made to remove the transmissions of the illegal station from the satellite.

The commission further decried the activities of the “illegal radio station,” through the transmission of messages, saying that Nigeria cannot afford another blood-letting after the civil war.

On the contrary, he asked Nigerians to unite against the station.

The statement reads thus:

“The national Broadcasting Commission (NBC), has effectively neutralised the illegal broadcasts from the seditious pirate radio station that has recently shattered the peace in parts of the Southeast of Nigeria with unsavoury hate messages.

“Working with security operatives, the Commission has tracked down, neutralised and confiscated transmitter equipment from several locations in the region. Some suspects involved in the illicit broadcasts have also been arrested and taken to Abuja for questioning and prosecution.

“The commission has also worked with other agencies to remove the transmission of the illegal station from the satellite and this has put paid to the divisive and disruptive transmissions. We are working on the Internet transmissions.

“The National Broadcasting Commission wishes to appreciate the concerns expressed by Nigerians over the seditious activities of the illegal “Biafra Radio” transmitting hate messages that are unfortunately designed to create disunity among Nigerians and mislead young people in a deliberate act of subversion. Nigerians do not need another round of heartache and bloodshed.

“The commission reiterates its calls to the public to disregard the hate messages coming from the misguided station, and urges Nigerians to unite in joining hands with the government to build a stronger and more prosperous nation.”




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